Thursday, July 16, 2009

CLEANINGLike most toys, regular cleaning is recommended. We suggest gently wiping The Cone with any adult toy cleaner. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THE CONE BE IMMERSED IN WATER! At least not until we launch the AquaCone!POWERThe Cone uses 3C Batteries. (Always wise to keep extras for emergencies!)IDEAS FOR CONE USEWhile we're sure that most people will have a pretty good idea of how to use The Cone, we have a few suggestions!
the clitmulatorThis is the original position for using The Cone. A slow sensual build up to a mind shattering orgasm. All you need to do is lay down flat and let the cone work its wonders. Blissful!
for him (or her)This works brilliantly for both men and women. Place your cone on the floor and lower yourself onto it. The cone will do the work, so just relax and enjoy. You won't go back after experiencing the cone!
on the way outMulti-tasking at its best - you can use the cone in this position when drying you hair, or applying make-up. Just pop it on a chair, lower yourself down, and enjoy the sensations of your cone while you get yourself ready. Perfect!
the lungeThis is one of the most popular positions for the cone toy, and it's all in the name - this position really extends to those hard-to-reach pleasure spots. Lower yourself down, and let waves of delight wash over you. Great for using alone or with a partner.
the reclinerAbsolutely the best thing for when you get home form work! As the saying goes, just sit back and relax - let the cone take the strain. We can't think of anything better to do after work!
the lotusLeaf through a naughty book or pop a saucy film on the TV, then lower yourself down. You don't even have to lift a finger to enjoy the sensation of being worked up to a powerful, body-trembling (hands-free) orgasm!
the wallA favorite of our more eager customer, and certainly worth a try if you’re the curious type! Place the cone against the wall & lean over. Take pleasure in the sensation of the cone vibrating all through your lower body.
the bed wiggleGet intimate with your cone. You’re completely in control of the cone - this position allows you to ride it however you want. And of course it's hands free so plenty of opportunity for simultaneous naughtiness with you partner!
the conelingusThis position is one of many designed for two. Here's a chance to enjoy your lover and yourself at the same time. Just place your cone down and hop on top while you show yourself and your partner the time of your lives!

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